An aerial tour of the Rathdrum Prairie area of Idaho Page 5
Spirit Lake, Idaho

Just over a ridge from Twin Lakes is the 5 mile long Spirit Lake. This is the west end, where Brickle Creek enters the lake, by one of two islands on the lake.  Mount Spokane is in the background.

This view best shows the relationship of the lake to the town, and Mount Spokane. In the foreground is the relatively new Timberlake Highschool (and construction on the right of a new junior high).  They are located where Highways 41 and 54 come together. The lake curves around a ridge like a question mark.  The peninsula at lower left center is an island part of the year.  Most of the lake cabins are on the right side, as the left has little road access and Inland Paper ownership.

This view shows the main part of Spirit Lake town and the "mill pond," which was formed by a dam to raise the lake to get logs to a mill at the right end (no longer existent).  The downtown area can be identified by the one block clump of buildings.  The dark clump of trees to the right of the business clump is where Sondahl Pottery is.

Here's a view of just the town, looking north.  The highway department is at the bottom, and Miller's Grocery is at middle lower center.  About 1500 people live here.

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