An aerial tour of the Rathdrum Prairie area of Idaho Page 6
Lakes Cocolalla,  Pend O'Reille and Farragut State Park

Looking north up US 95, you can see Lake Cocolalla, and in the distance, the north end of lake Pend O'Reille where Sandpoint resides.

Lake Pend O'Reille is the largest natural lake in Idaho, about 30 miles long.  There's a lot of public land and steep cliffs adjoining it, and trophy fish swim in its depths.

Bayview is the town on the southern end of the lake. It has a navy research station in the middle of the bay.

Just outside of Bayview is the huge Farragut State Park, a WWII Naval base.  The park is heavily wooded, with miles of lake trails.  The end of the lake has a boat moorage called Buttonhook bay, with a chilly swim area.

Here's an overview of much of the park.  Bayview is in the bay off to the left.
A fabulous area to live in...

Thanks for the flight, Jim!

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