Welcome to the second Sondahl Pottery sales page!

Leadfree Handthrown stoneware pottery

For reference, these mugs represent my standard decorations:

I am no longer shipping pottery. 

The pots are displayed alphabetically.

Cups, small
Night and Day decoration shown

Cups, small, with handle,

Garlic Pot
Blue Comet decoration shown

Gravy boat
Blue Bunny decoration shown

Honey pot/jam jar 
or $14.00 
Blue scallop shown

Honey Pot with dipper in lid
Blue zip decoration shown

Lotion Pump  Blue comet decoration is shown.
tooth pick holder
Little dipper (larger shallow bowl, not pictured) $3.50
Mugs come in 4 sizes, roughly based on volume:
Regular size 10-12 oz.  $12.00   (like most commercial mugs)
14-16 oz. $14.00  Medium
16-20 oz. $16.00  Large
Extra large  $19
Blue zip, new green, and brown gloss decorations shown.   
Pitcher, medium sized $19.00.  Holds over 1 quart.  Green Zip decoration is shown.

Pitcher, large, $23.00, holds over 1 1/2 quarts  Brown scallop decoration is shown.
Pie plate 
about 9" diameter $14.00 
appr. 10" diameter $16.00 
Green 3 tone decoration is shown.

Dinner plates: 6" dessert $8.00
8" salad $10.00
                                                                         10" dinner $13.00
                                                 Platter $28.00  Approximately 12" in diameter 
                                                                    New green glaze is shown

 Sour Dough starter pot with perforated lid


Sponge Holder


Now with stoneware handle
Toothbrush Holder, with indentations to hold brush upright. $16.00, made with 4  holes.

Utensil holder/vase $12.00  (blue scallop decoration)  (Larger version not pictured is $15.00)  Double attached at right is $20.00  ( blue three toned decoration).
Globe Vase
Night and Day decoration shown $28.00
(Also a smaller one is available for $23.00)

Mini, medium, and large vase.  $6, 9, and $14  new green, green zip, and gloss brown zip shown.
I am no longer shipping pottery  These are our local prices.


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