Brad Sondahl's Outdoor Photography Page 5
Bugs and other little guys

This grasshopper was such a beautiful emerald color I didn't mind it eating the tomato leaves.

I found this spider in the sink in the house and set it free in the garden, then decided to identify it.
It's a male Hobo spider, invasive and toxic.  Next time I probably won't be so nice.

There's something very peaceful about this moth (Scopula ancellata) that was resting on the asphalt roadway.

This is a nice bumblebee on a lupine in our garden.

These millipedes are bigger than average, and are common out in the woods, even in daylight.
I figure their red color advertises the fact they've got good defenses.

This moth blends in well with the Ponderosa Pine bark.

This spider makes orbs, but had built this smaller web either for egg laying or to try to last the winter.

When I first saw this guy, I thought it should be called the Moose bug, very fitting for Idaho.
But now I find it's called the 10 lined june bug.

I think this is a wild cherry sphinx moth.  They zip around like hummingbirds.  This one is caught in midflight by the flash.

We've got these really big anthills in Idaho. This one is over a foot high.

The mound is always covered with ants like these during the day. They build the nest from twigs or pine needles. Long lines of foragers proceed out from the mound like spokes on a wheel.  The mound location seems to change from year to year...
A person called Doctorant  says they're Formica obscuripes, sometimes called the Thatching ant, and who am I to argue with the Doctor?

I love this moth, with its combination of protective coloration and mimicry.  The strong patterns on the outside of the wing break up the shape of the moth's outline, but also mimic eyespots, which appear frequently on moths and serve to startle predators. The festive background is a result of our local squirrel chewing up some pine cones in this area, plus a cottonwood flower that had just fallen.

Photography note: I've got a Nikon Coolpix 775 camera, which is very good for these closeup shots,
though being point and click it helps to take a few and figure out later which one got the best focus.