Quincy and Max shrug off Quincy's failed attempt at Maggie. Angelo the balloonman is giving away balloons in the parking lot of Benedict's. Quincy and Max call the cops, suspecting that he's luring away their business.

Lou and Maggie go for a romantic moonlit night in the city, and sing a reprise with additional lyrics to the "I need you" song.

Back at the restaurant, the police are starting to lead the balloonman away. Sal, who's been chatting with Tom, goes in the restaurant to attempt to call the police headquarters to stop the arrest. She uses an order phone for Benedict's, and bells and whistles go off announcing she has won the diner.  This anomaly is the result of Max's computer tampering. (let that be a lesson to you!) In her passion to save Angelo, she says her maiden name, which tells Tom she is the girl who left him years ago.  Sal and Tom reunite.

Lou and Maggie decide to go live on a farm, and so must sing about it: (Let's go to the Farm)

Lou: Let's go to the farm,
Maggie: It's loaded with charm,
Lou: We could be husband and wife.
Maggie: Life could be good, out in the woods,
Lou: We'd lead the simple life. We could have cows, and chickens...
Maggie: And kids...
Lou: And just a few goats.
Maggie: We'll have to buy hay, and fencing
Lou: Some tractors
Maggie: And a whole lot of oats.
Let's go to the farm,
I'll be a school marm, and teach schoolkids to dance.
Life will be mild, out in the wild,
Raising children and plants.
Lou: We could raise pigs, or maybe grow figs
Maggie: If the weather was right
Lou: Working all day, raking the hay,
Maggie: And square dancing at night,
Both: Sounds like a good life, so far...

But of course, the sylvan life is no way to end a play. The ensemble gathers for Meet me at 10, We'll go Dancing....  And the funny little balloonman passes out balloons.

The End

I'm very fond of this play. It started out as a dream 15 years ago, and I woke up with about half of the tunes dancing in my head. Some of the rest were love songs written over a five year period. My wife helped me with the plot when my dream plot was a bit too absurd. Because I wanted to make this into a musical play,  I spent the next years learning to play piano (the typewriter of instruments). I found it very hard to write down the music, since I can't read music. I got help from piano teacher friends. Finally I got a computer music program and MIDI machine, and that made it possible to make the arrangements presented here.

 If you would like to see this play some time, so would I. However I'm lousy at promotion. It still needs help in the musical arrangement and notation department. You can look at the whole script at the Sondahl World of Literature page, or click here to go to it directly.  Feel free to email with positive suggestions, or interest in producing the play.

Diner, Copyright 1997 Bradley H. Sondahl and C. Althea Sondahl