Sondahl's Lost Art Gallery

In college I took up painting, based on the abstract artists I grew up with.  No one ever encouraged me in my obsession, so when I found that pottery was easier to sell, I finally gave up painting.  I don't think any of these paintings still exist, except as digital copies of old photos.  But the world is a large place, so I place these on the web, in search of those who might enjoy them as I do.

Girl with a unicorn, 1973, oil
I always wished I could draw realistically, or at least surreallistically

The Leper's Waterbed.  1974.  Sheepskin, feathers, acrylic.

The Griffin devours a tv, 1974, acrylic

Stoplight, carpet, sheepskin, jute, acrylic, 1975

Topography, Canvas stretched over Mickey Mouse ball. 1975

Honeycomb, 1976.  Sheepskin, foam, honeycomb, tubing, ball, etc. Cut out so you can see the wall behind it.

8 Way Wallpiece Sheepskin and canvas, 1976
This can be displayed any of 8 directions as up and still look nice.  Keeps an artpiece from getting boring.

Another cool thing about this image is how there are actually four lines running up and down the piece as viewed on the left. The original image was some brush strokes, rearranged by cutting into four strips and finding a happy arrangement of them.

Replication, or Cells at play, 1976.
Using Paint Shop Pro, my son Forrest and I made this more like what one sees under a microscope...


Enigma of the buttons (1976) (the buttons don't match his profile, he's pointing to his belly button.)

Head, 1976  I always have been a compulsive doodler.

I gave away the Cusp of the Millennium in a contest in 2002, and it got broken in shipping... RIP.

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