Sondahl Pottery Studio 2006

This is the rough layout.

Right by the back door is the wheel area.
Important features include:
Stereo for sanity/insanity
Jars of slips, colorants.
Tool shelves.
Shelf to set bats on and boards of pots.
30 year old Shimpo RK-2

Besides the ability to walk through the shop without tripping over something, the 30 % more shelves
(8 feet wide by 6 feet high by 4 feet deep)
was the motivating factor for going into an enlarged space.
Although the real bottleneck in pottery production is sales,
the easiest bottleneck to do something about is having more shelf space...
On the right side are all the glaze buckets, and buckets of glaze materials.
I  mostly use about 6 glazes, but I like to have a second bucket of each so I can
keep the buckets fairly full.
As a negative, the enlarged space is twice as large, so will cost more to heat.
I'm also hoping I won't bump into things so much when moving boards of pots...

This shows the bi-level wedging table with boxes of clay to the left of it.
The cabinet at upper left holds the small glaze ingredients that mostly
gather dust...
The area where the ladder is will also store clay--
I'm hoping I can keep a ton along that wall...

The glazing area should accommodate two 4 foot wareboards of pots.
Lately I've been glazing them two boards at a time, in an L shape, for efficiency,
since some decorations require dipping in a couple different colors.

The kiln room with two electric kilns stands just off the glazing area.
After the pots are fired, they are brought forward to the sales area,
or can be stored or shipped from the old pottery workshop,
which is now the shipping room...