Spokane, Washington photos
The lilac city
by Brad Sondahl
I love Spokane as a tourist.  I live fifty miles away, and go there a couple times a week, but I revel in the touristy spots.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of Spokane.

The Catholic Cathedral is west of Lincoln Street downtown, and beautiful by day or night, inside or out.

Here it is by night--New year's Eve.

Besides the old USA pavilion (not shown), the old Great Northern Railroad clock tower is the most distinct human-made feature of River Front Park.

Here's some of the rapids in the spring runoff, with the USA pavilion, Imax, and YMCA on the right of the bridge.

Here's Spokane Falls, (started with the dam) from the Public Library.  To the upper left are the county courthouse tower, and funky other building echoing its architecture sort of that's some kind of public health building, I think.

This is the that has the carousel building  in Riverfront park, at dusk on Labor Day Weekend (Pig-out in the Park) 2004
And here's the carousel:


Another fine old building nearby downtown is the Spokesman-Review newspaper building, keeping a kind of gothic sentinel on western Downtown.

New to Riverfront Park in  late 2005 is the water sculpture by Spokane artist Harold Balazs

It goes through a cycle of spraying different amounts and makes a fun wading area in the summer.
Harold's work is common throughout the park, down town, and in local churches and businesses...

The Japanese garden, up south in Manito Park. Manito Park is a gem in general, with many lovely structures of carefully set basalt rock.
Duncan garden (below) is the formal focus of the park.

Here it is in the fall of 2004--a feast for the senses.
I like Manito Park so much that I've added a page of images from it here.

There are lots of cool old places in Spokane to explore, like the Wall Street Diner.  Here are Althea and I eating at the counter on a Sunday morning. For fun I edited the camera out of my hand, as this was shot in a mirror.

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