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Chapter 34
Help I am trapped in the future!
by Phil Steen

I was hoping to talk to Alice, to tell her about being stuck in the present, but when I went to find her, I just found a note:

Phil, we were supposed to go shopping for a new hydrangea.  I've waited till 2:30. You obviously forgot.  So I'll get the kind I like.

I  didn't even know we needed a new hydrangea.  I wasn't even sure what a hydrangea was.  But I looked at my watch and it read 2:35.  Missed her by 5 minutes.  I tried calling her cell phone.   I got the voice mail, so she must be talking to someone.  Well, she could pick out the hydrangea herself, just as she suggested.

    I decided to bicycle over to Larry's house, just for the exercise.  And once there, I thought I'd visit with him.  When I got to his door, there was a message--"UPS, leave any extreme sports gear at the door--I'll be back in 10 minutes."  There weren't any packages, but I sat and waited at least 10 minutes, then decided to give up on Larry.  I bicycled around the park some, then headed home.

    Alice wasn't home, but she'd left another note.  

Where are you?  The Pioneers Banquet is at 5:30.  I've gone ahead.  Come as quick as you can.

Missed her again...  The phone rang, but whoever it was hung up by the time I got to it.  I was beginning to feel isolated, and out of sync with the world.  As I raced to get dressed up in my cowboy clothes for the banquet, I wondered if I might still be stuck in some other weird time continuum.  What if I was, for instance, 5 minutes in the future of everyone.  I might never connect with them again.  Then I thought, maybe I've always been five minutes in the future, since I'm not very connected to anyone anyway.  This thought slowed me up a bit, but my natural buoyant nature got me out of that philosophical nosedive.  I set off for the Legion Hall where I assumed the dinner was.  Assumed was the operative word, since there was no one there when I got there.  At least there was a note on the door:

    Pioneers Banquet moved to the Grange Hall,
       due to electrical problem in kitchen.

I set off into the country, trying to remember where the Grange Hall was.  Since I navigate by landmarks, first I had to remember what the Grange was near.  After driving around for an hour or so, I remembered it was near the old railroad tracks, so then I located it fairly quickly.  I would have even  broken the Chief Guys Command and asked for directions, but there was no one out to ask...  Unfortunately, they were just finishing sweeping up when I pulled in the parking lot.  I vaguely knew the guy sweeping, so I asked if he'd seen Alice.  Indeed, he remembered her leaving just about 5 minutes ago.
    As I proceeded home, I wondered whether, if I were stuck in some other weird time continuum, if it was the future, the past, or something other.  I was so busy wondering that I missed a turn or two, and after slowly getting reoriented, arrived home pretty late.   Sure enough, there was a note from Alice:

    I can see you were home sometime because you moved the other note!  I've gone to bed, but wake me with a good excuse, or I expect to find
in the morning you had a horrible accident , in which case I will still have mixed feelings about all this.

This required some serious thought.  Alice thinks philosophy is a wonderful thing, but she may not accept getting stuck in the present tense or in the future as valid reasons to blow off a charity banquet.  I seemed to always be about 5 minutes late, which one might interpret as being stuck in the past.  But the fact was, in each of those occurences,  if I could have gotten back into the past 5 minutes, things would have been fine, so clearly I was stuck in the future...  What's more, I was writing this in the past tense, which means I'm really even further into the future...  

    I crept into bed quietly, even though I figured she wouldn't notice I was there for 5 minutes or so.   I tried to get it untangled in my head, which led to my rapidly falling asleep...  When I woke up, Alice was still beside me.  I was so overjoyed, I woke her with a kiss.  Unfortunately, she was a little behind me in waking up, as she rolled over and went back to sleep.  This was nothing new--our sleep patterns have always been a bit out of sync.  But now I wonder if it's due to one of us being out of place in time...

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