Welcome to the Stream of Consciousness cartoon, which I did for 47 weeks before quitting.
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I've always had a secret desire to be a cartoonist.  Cartoons both encapsulate and cheer our world.  I'm very partial to Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, and Monty, and grew up on Uncle Scrooge and Little Lulu.  I still enjoy reading the old reruns of Lil Abner (although I wish they didn't move so glacially slow).  I do like comics with a flow of plot.  That's my intent.  One reason I've never tried cartooning before is that I'm not a great figure drawer.  So I'm combining my simple drawings with other images, and plan to get into plot after building a few characters and settings.  Most of the photos used will be ones I've taken.  Using photos gives the cartoons a quite uncartoonish look, but sticking to the traditional box and text captions will probably help it stay in the cartoon illusion world.  I'll put them on this page, a week at a time, then archive them so they can be viewed in order. Thanks for checking it out.

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