A brief guided tour of Brad Sondahl's pottery workshop Page 4

Here you can see the glazing table, narrow and long.  It should be wide enough for a ware board, and room to set the pots down in front of the ware board.  The right end got extended a while ago, and now is the repository for the glaze stirring drill, pouring cups, and odds and ends.  Above the glazing table are the triple beam balance and the small glaze chemical bags.  Most of the buckets have glaze in them. The blue bucket on the right is the hand and tool washing bucket.  I don't allow running water in my shop, due to probability of drain clogging.

Here is a floor plan of the shop (it's about 10 feet by 12 feet):

Every bit of space is utilized.  Glaze materials are stored under the shelves for pottery, and above the glazing area and wheel area.
Lately I've realized that a skilled thrower can fill half of the shelves in a day, which occasionally means that I am forced to relax a bit at certain parts of my cycle.  That's probably a good thing, unless the wolf or an angry customer is at the door, wanting their order. (one pig, well done, or two bowls with bunnies on them, depending on which is actually at the door...)

In 2006 I moved into a twice as large shop.  You can see plans and photos of it here...