Visitors to NortheastWashington enjoyed the Shoe Tree, which was burned partially probably by arsonists in July, 2010.  It was  home to a wide variety of shoes,nailed to the bark, and draped from the branches.

Shoes old and new, flippers, ski boots, all nailed on, proclaiming, this is one tree that won't become lumber...

Even the boughs were festooned with pairs of shoes. 

Since the fire, in late July, 2010, we went to see the burned tree, and took the photo below.  Altheough the tree is most likely dead, people have started adding shoes again.  They lack the patina of age, but preserve the spirit of the place

Shoe tree after 2010 fire

To get there, take the main road (302) north from Nordman, Idaho (on the west side of Priest Lake) about 15 miles on the gravel to the Tilicum Road turn. It'll be just across the bridge, on the south side of the road.

You can start your own shoe tree in your backyard, but your neighbors will worry about you.