Exiting on her way to go dancing, Maggie is spotted by businessman Quincy and his assistant Max.  Quincy is smitten by Maggie, and sings Find Out What Makes Her Tick... (midi):
Find out what makes her tick, what makes her purr,
               Find out what makes her click, how she goes whirr.
               Learn how to pull her strings, or how to unfold her wings,
               Find out what makes her tick, what makes her purr.

               A woman is like a car engine,
               She thrives on a little attention.
               If the timing is right, the sparkplugs ignite,
               And she takes you where you want to go.

               Find out what makes her laugh, what makes her smirk,
               Find out what evil chaff within her lurks,
               Find how she is consoled, how she can be controlled,
               Find out what makes her tick, what makes her purr.

               A woman's a marvelous invention,
               From her bumpers to her front suspension.
               Just give her the gas, she'll take you there fast
               Yes, she'll get you where you want to go...

Quincy and Max approach Lou about buying the diner. Lou refuses angrily.  They stick around. Maggie returns to finish the late shift.  She and Lou sing a duet:  Dancing is the Thing

Maggie:   Dancing is the thing that makes my heart sing,
          Lou:      I flip a burger (does so).
          Maggie:   Dreams of my youth are still the truth
          Lou:      Time goes by.
          Maggie:   Fantasies are real if you make 'em congeal
          Lou:      Just like the gravy. (stirs gravy)
          Maggie:   What do you make to which people relate?
          Lou:      A side of fries (He raises fries basket)
               Sure I've got dreams but that's all that they seem  (hands
          Maggie fries)
          Maggie:   Too many french fries... (Takes one and eats it)
          Lou:      The bills they come in and I just can't begin to let go
          Maggie:  (scooping ice) I'm sure you would be out in the snow.
          Lou:      Conditions are tough and the game is too rough..
          Maggie:  (Gives him a bill)  I just don't buy it.

          Lou:      Maybe I'll try to make my dreams fly, next year.
          Maggie:   I won't be here. (end song)

Maggie: A few customers come in. Max sings about the great food at Benedict's: We Got Eggs

We got eggs any way that you want 'em,
They'll be served on toast, if you want 'em poached,
We got eggs any way that you want 'em,
And the cook you will not have to coach.

We got eggs any way that you want 'em.
Fried in bacon rings, we do such crazy things,
We got eggs any way that you want 'em,
And you're going to want them awful bad.

(customers begin to chant, Benedict's, Benedict's, Benedict's.) Benedict's is only a short drive away, Use credit cards so you won't have to pay, Follow me--I know the way! (He leads out most of the customers, even Charlie, as far as the door. He shakes his head and snaps out of it. Lou's mouth hangs open.

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