Operating instructions for Sondahl Pottery mugs
(this being the technical support part of sondahl.com, our mission: more of everything than you would ever possibly want)

Legal notice:

Assuming you have purchased, been given, or assumed title to this mug in a legal and forthright manner, you are now responsible for all the privileges and duties thereof.


Attempt to plug mug into 110-220 V. receptacles. No plug is provided.

Use for any unintended purposes, including, but not limited to: as a hockey puck, odd looking shoes, or to store nuclear wastes, except as permitted by Federal statute 10036B-section A. If using this make sure you include the appropriate form on your 1040-A.

Assembly instructions:

If your pot has come to you as a multiple piece kit, please dispose of it or return it, as there are no mug kits.

Figure A: Do not use as odd looking shoes.  Mug kits may result.

Conditions for use instructions:

You can use your mug for HOT or COLD liquid beverages.

Warning: HOT beverages are HOT, and should not be poured on the skin, even if you do not like them very much and they said very nasty things about your Pomeranian.

COLD beverages are COLD, and hypothermia may result if you are surrounded by hundreds of mugs filled with ice water. Avoid this unless hypothermia is your desired condition. Either way, the beverage is to be added to part (B) (see Figure 2).

figure 1
Do not hold mug this way

figure 2
Hold mug this way

Do not pour contents in your eye

figure 6b
Correct usage:

figure it out yourself
Standard mug usage instructions:

Obtain access to the mug by grasping the rotund appendage (A) between thumb and outer digits in a manner so as to expedite secure transport. Maintaining the mug in a level position (carpenter's level may be useful in attaining this), slowly move the mug to the desired location, which for most people is their mouth. After contacting the appropriate orifice, gently incline the mug so as to disgorge the contents into the aperture, taking care not to slosh the excess around the corners of the mouth, unless drooling is customary. It may be necessary to assess first with a small sample whether the liquid is too HOT or COLD for personal preference or for the continued existence of oral epithelial cells. After achieving reception of some of the contents, make sure to swallow after securing mouth shut. Swallowing is not covered by the Sondahl Pottery Guarantee

If the previous was not thoroughly intelligible to you, please seek training from a professional drinker before use.

Sondahl Pottery Guarantee:

You'll like it, probably. If not, complain, and see what happens.

Foreign Language version:

!Nicht Keramiker pescados en jacuzzi, !!!!!

Important notice: The mugs illustrated on this page are for left handed individuals. Persons with righthandedness should place a mirror next to the monitor and look at this page in it.  Looks funny, doesn't it?