Brad Sondahl's Pictures of Idaho Wildness 3:

Brodiaea douglasii. 
Wild Hyacinth (Brodiaea Smith douglasii)

But these are Yellow Peas, growing by the Clearwater. They grow two feet high and look to be kind of cloverish. (Thermopsis montana)

This is a bluetailed skink.  I caught it on our property in Spirit Lake, and have seen others roaming wild there.  I photographed it in a bowl, since they're very mobile, and cutesied up the image with some fake leaves.

Indian Pipe (Monotropa uniflora), common in the woods north of Priest Lake.  I thought it was a fungus, but it's worse ;-)
It's a parasite on a fungus...

Can't have a Western wildflower page without Paint brush...

The Calypso orchid is the belle of the ball...  Found in wet woods...

Mountain lady slipper

Almost as good is the Mountain Lady's Slipper

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