Brad Sondahl's Idaho Panhandle Region flowers page 2:
Heartleafed Arnica
mariposa lilies

mountain lady's slipper

Prairie Stars (Lithofragma parviflorum)

Queens cup

rock penstemon

Shooting Stars (Dodecatheon alpinum) Called birds' bills locally.

false solomon's sealstar solomon's seal

wild sunflowers

Western Wake Robin (Trillium ovatum) Lily family.

Yellow fawn lilies. (Erythronium graniflorum) As common as dandelions in the wooded valleys in the early spring. Also called Avalanche lilies, Glacier lilies, and Dogtooth Violets.

yellow bellYellow Bell (Fritillaria pudica) This is as open as they get. They turn orangish as they age. Early spring.

Yellow Violets (Viola glabella) These grow in clumps in pasture and along roadways.


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