Identifying Flowers while Motoring.
by Brad Sondahl, Expert.

While making extensive forays across some of our vast continents, such as, for instance, Montana,
You can keep yourself amused by identifying the wildflowers along the road as you drive.

Your typical scenery when travelling anywhere looks like this, mostly.  It doesn't matter where you're going:

Well, okay, actually the horizon doesn't tilt this much, but I saw some colorful wildflowers coming up so I was in a hurry.

 Here is your typical side view as you travel at 75 on the freeway:

So is that blotch to the left of center Paintbrush, or Bracket fungus?

Fortunately,  no one else in the car saw it, so you can state your opinion with authority.
"That was outstanding Paintbrush," you can tell your kids.

"Are we there yet?" they'll respond...

So you need to pick out more interesting flowers.

There's a St.Vitus's Death Head!  And it's got a victim!

But unfortunately now, tired of slashing the upholstery, the kids are watching too...

"That was a beer can, anybody could see that!"

That's just their protective coloration.  Don't you kids learn anything in today's schools?

"Well, it wasn't a St. Vitus's. It was a Coors."

See, you can get your whole family in on the fun!