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Kaleidoscopic art, Art as a beourgeios Sham, Lost art, and The Shoe Tree and Elmer's Fountain

includes pictures and ruminations

(music shows mostly)

Cooking by dead reckoning

pictures, greenhouse building, orcharding, chickens, wheel hoe building


Original prose, poetry, favorite authors, and Diner: the musical play
the Fiction Blog, a daily fiction experiment or short adventure novel.


Released December 2011

(Other music at this link, including Musicians Anonymous, Sondahl and Hawkins, and lots more)


Wildlife, outdoors, ski jumping, Spokane, Idaho, aerial, and more

Pottery showroom and more
Free info for potters 

"Stream of Consciousness" daily Cartoon

This is the first cartoon. Click here for the rest of the series, from the beginning.
There are 47 weeks of daily cartoons here.  The series ended Sept. 2006.

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