Bum on a Log,  Report 2

Captain's Log.
Bumdate 320 days 1 hours 17 minutes and 49 seconds (since graduation).

China.  China is cool.  That's why you want to see pictures. 
Me.  I am funny-looking.  That's why you want to see pictures.
You.  You are bored.  That's why you want to see pictures.

(Remember, if you click on the pictures, you can see them full size.)

Bumming Picture
I'm standing in Tianenmen Square.
Behind me is a gate to the Forbidden City,
 with a large picture of Chairman Mao, looking friendly.

Bumming Picture
This is Pei Zhuan, holding monkey. 
Does anyone think he feels silly right now?

Bumming Picture

Monkey liked the bamboo in the Forbidden City.
Hopefully the sign didn't read "No Monkeys Allowed!"

Bumming Picture
Here I am eating Chinese fare in the home of Pei Zhuan's parents.

Bumming Picture

This is a group shot of Pei Zhuan's family, myself, and one of our guides.
Taken at a famous cultural museum.

Bumming Picture
This is the rooster that was carved out of hard jello.
Just one more of those fancy dinners with toasts, and all...

Bumming Picture

I did mention that I went skiing in my letters, didn't I?
Because I did.  And in fact, my effervescent spirits and mad skiing skills prompted
these two military personel to ask to have their picture taken with me. 
I got them to take one with my camera too, as demonstrated above.

Bumming Picture

Here am I, in one of the Little Three Gorges,
that splits off the Yangtzee (Chang Jiang) River.

Bumming Picture
This is one of the many fireworks that were lit off
just outside Pei Zhuan's family's apartment.

Bumming Picture

(Sorry my hat's pulled way down... it was sooo cold.)
Anyway, of course we can't forget the Great Wall.
"See, I went to China..."

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