Chief Procrastination Officer: Forrest Sondahl
Sargeant-At-Arms of the Exchequer: David Ohls
Nutritional Adviser: Monkey
Money Tiger: Tigey


Update 4/28/2005:  Two new Bum-on-a-Log reports issued by C.P.O.  Click HERE.
Update 4/27/2005:  Fraud/embezzlement investigation pending.  See Financial Report.
Old news: C.P.O. Sondahl's  ski  jumping video.  Here's why ski bums have sore necks!

Bumming, Inc. has openings for
more than 25 new unsalaried posititions!
Relocation not necessary.
Be prepared to show proof of unemployment.

Create your own job title and
apply by sending email to:

Bumming, Inc. considers
merger with Microsoft.

View the C.P.O.'s
Message to Shareholders

C.P.O. Sondahl receives
extra title of "Captain" so
he may write a log with
requisite flair.



Bumming Tip:

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow."
-- Mark Twain
(I think it's Mark Twain.  I'll look it up.  The day after tomorrow.)

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